YOUR STORY is ground-breaking Australian research
exploring the spiritual experiences, beliefs and influences
that are shaping the faith of young people.

Whether you believe or don’t believe in God, religion or spirituality,
we would love to hear your story
the deep story about who you are, what you believe
and how you have come to hold these beliefs.

The Your Story Survey helps to identify the experiences,
choices and relationships that have shaped your story of faith.

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We want young people to be heard

… so that stories like yours
shape the future of faith in Australia.

If you live in Australia and are aged between 16 and 20 years of age you can participate in this online survey.

It does not matter if you hold religious commitments or not, only that you are willing to answer questions about faith, spirituality and religion and share a bit of how you have come to hold the beliefs you hold today.

And a Heads Up:

  1. Participating in the survey is entirely optional. You can change your mind at any point.
  2. The safety of your story is important to us. Your information will be kept secure and won’t be shared in any way that could identify you.
  3. It will take at least 30 minutes. Faith, spirituality, religion and God – these are big topics, so make sure you have enough time to do this well.
  4. We will need consent from a Parent or Guardian if you are under 18. Clicking the link will take you to the survey which steps you through the consent process.
  5. Typing your responses on a phone might be frustrating. A device that has a keyboard such as a laptop, desktop and some portable tablets might be easier.

For more details about this research, please read the Participant Information Statement

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Ready to Go?

Clicking the “Take The Survey” button will connect you to the survey platform where you will find more information including how to provide parent/guardian consent.

We are grateful to the many young people who have already participated in the survey. It is their stories that are on this website and continue to motivate us every day.

Some participants have even contacted us to say they found the survey to be a really helpful way to learn more about themselves and the way their story has been shaped over the years.

Every story matters and we feel incredibly humbled as more and more participants take the survey every day.

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Who is behind YOUR STORY?

We are a Christian research team seeking to understand what has shaped the spiritual experiences of younger people today.

Your Story is part of a national research project sponsored by Converge Oceania and supported by a number of great local organisations that have been helping young people all over Australia. 

The findings of the study are intended to assist community-based and church-based youth organisations to improve their understanding and support of young people and their faith journeys.

Converge Oceania

Converge Oceania is a network of youth-oriented agencies seeking to support the discipleship of young people through research-informed, evidence-based practice. Our network is made up of representatives from key ministry organisations and denominations, including Young Life Australia, Scripture Union Australia, Baptist Union of NSW, Youth Vision Australia, Salvation Army, Scripture Union New Zealand, and Bible Society Australia. Converge Oceania is a regional expression of the global Converge movement, which sits under the World Evangelical Alliance.

The vision of Converge is to support and equip the church in Australia and New Zealand to continue to reach and disciple young people. We do this through prayerfully and practically supporting each other’s ministries, as well as working on joint projects that will support and equip the church to more effectively understand and engage young people. For more information about Converge, contact Adrian Blenkinsop, at 

partner organisations

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Rev Dr Graham D Stanton

Graham is lecturer in Practical Theology and Director of the Centre for Children’s and Youth Ministry at Ridley College, Melbourne. He has been a leading youth ministry educator for over 20 years. His research has focussed on the theory and practice of church-based youth discipleship. His doctoral research is published in the ACT Monograph series as Wide-Awake in God’s World: Bible engagement for teenage spiritual formation in a culture of expressive individualism (Eugene, OR: Wipf & Stock, 2020).

Dr Rowan Lewis

Rowan is Head of Pastoral Theology at ACOM, the Australian College of Ministries. He is an experienced researcher and educator in the area of formation and spirituality especially as it relates to younger people. Over the last 15 years, he has created and led formation programs for younger people as well as specialising in accompanying young people amidst times of doubt and spiritual transition – which ultimately became the focus of his PhD that was completed in 2020.

This project has been approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) of the Australian College of Theology (ACT) (Approval No. EC2102)

If you have any concerns or complaints concerning the manner in which this research is conducted, you can contact the secretary of the ACT Human Research Ethics Committee at the following address:

You can read more information about by downloading the Participant Information Statement