Your Story is a powerful survey
and a great opportunity for spiritual conversations

Use Your Story in your classroom

A great way to use this survey is with a group/class of young people who complete the survey together and then have a follow-up conversation.

We’ve put together a Small Group / Classroom guide that steps you through the process of organising a Your Story Group. It is super easy to do while the follow-up conversations are incredibly rewarding.

Potential Discussion Topics

  • Who has helped your journey of faith (and who has hindered it)?
  • How can knowing the history of your faith and its turning points help you to choose your preferred future?
  • Faith needs to grow up as we grow older. How has your experience of God changed over the years (and in what ways might it still need to grow up)?
  • Doubt, challenges, and disorientation are building blocks of faith. What has been your experience of these, and how have they influenced your journey of faith?
  • How does realising how others have been there for you help you to be there for others?

Getting Started

Simply contact the YourStory team and we will get you setup in no time. Using Your Story in the classroom is easy to establish and simple to use.

Students can access the survey here: