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Survey Summary

So, we are pretty sure you’ve already realised that this isn’t some dinky 10-question pop-culture survey. But just in case you missed it, this survey takes a little bit of effort to complete. And we don’t want to shy away from that. It’s about faith, spirituality, religion, and identity – the big questions – and we would love to hear your experience of these matters.

To give you an idea of what you are in for, here are some examples of the kind of questions being asked in the YourStory Survey.

The Survey is divided into two major sections.

Many of the questions are multi-choice and, in most cases, these will require you to reflect on three different stages of your life:

  1. childhood;
  2. early teen; and
  3. the present time.

The goal here is for you to think of your faith as a journey that has made twists and turns across the different eras of your life.


Your Spiritual Experiences

This section asks about lots of different experiences that can be associated with faith, spirituality, and religion, such as:

For each item, you are asked to indicate how often you have (of have not) had this experience in each stage of your life.

You can also write a couple of sentences about a spiritual experience that stands in your memory.

Your Spiritual Practices

This section asks about the kinds of activities you might (or might not) do as an expression of your faith, such as:

Engaging with Digital and Social Media

Of course, your faith and spirituality is as much a part of your online life as it is a part of your in-person life. We ask questions like:

 Your Faith Story

This section is a bit different. It invites you to write an open-ended response to questions that explore different aspects of your faith story, such as:

Keep in mind that you can still answer these questions even if you don’t believe in God. Faith simply means what you put your trust in.

Your Spiritual Worldview

The last section of Part 1 is all about your ‘Spiritual Worldview’. Here you are invited to describe what you hold to be deeply true in your own.


Your Experience in a Church / Youth Ministry / Xn School / Other Program

In the second part of the survey, respondents get to select those relationships and groups that have featured in your faith story. Once selected, the survey then asks a series of questions about each one. Here are some example questions assuming you selected ‘Church / Faith Community’ as one of your groups

Your relationship with your Father /Mother / Friends / Mentor / Leader

Once again, you can choose which relationships you want to describe further. Here are some examples of questions related to friendships:

Final Matters

The survey concludes with some quick final questions about your situation as well as aspects of your personality.

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