Your Story Groups

Your Story is a powerful survey
and a great opportunity for discipleship conversations

A great way to use this survey is with a group/class of young people who complete the survey together and then have a follow-up conversation.

We’ve put together a Small Group / Classroom guide that steps you through the process of organising a Your Story Group. It is super easy to do while the follow-up conversations are incredibly rewarding.

Already we have heard some wonderful stories of various groups achieving these outcomes in creative ways:

  • Impromptu Groups: One minister put out a message that anyone who remained after the Sunday night service to complete the survey would be treated to a pizza dinner. The minister later reported that the group became engrossed in the survey, so he fed them pizza while they completed it and then sat down afterwards to have a conversation with them over dessert.

  • Small Groups / Life Groups: Youth leaders have been using the survey to run a small group sessions for teens and young adults. After group members complete the survey, the leader then facilitates a conversation that either debriefs the experience in general or focuses on one of the discipleship themes present in the survey (see resources below).
  • Teachers in Schools: Teachers of Christian Studies or Religious Education have included the survey in their classroom teaching. After gaining parental consent, teachers have utilised two consecutive classes; the first to complete the survey and the second to have a follow-up conversation, again using the resources given below.

Suggested Session Outline

Pre-gatheringCheck parent/guardian consent + Internet Access
5 minsWelcome and Introduction
10 mins[Optional] Short Theme-Based Activity
40-60 mins Complete online Survey
30-60 mins Follow-up Discussion


Not sure what to say or how to get the word out? Here are some examples of text that you can use to describe the project. You’ll also find some images you can use for promoting the research or to promote an event. Some of the images have some blank space where you can include group details if you are hosting an event.

YOUR STORY is a ground-breaking Australian research project exploring the spiritual experiences of young people aged 16-20.

The YOUR STORY Survey helps you to identify your experiences, choices and relationships that have shaped the story
of your faith.

Whether you believe or don’t believe in God, religion or spirituality, we would love to hear from you.

We want the stories of young people to shape the future of faith in Australia.

Find more information and take the survey at:

YOUR STORY is an Australian research project exploring the spiritual experiences, beliefs and influences that have shaped the faith of young people. It involves taking an online survey that takes around 40 minutes to complete. The website and survey link for this project can be found at

Download these postcards and use them to spread the word